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Our Mission

The South African Society of Crop Production is a science-based organisation which provides leadership in crop science to promote training, research and technology transfer. The SASCP is committed to greater public understanding of science-based management of soils, crops and the environment, for long term sustainable use and to the benefit of society.

The SASCP was founded in Pretoria in 1971 and was comprised with the following council members:

DF Retief
SA Hulme
PJ Möhr
E Strydom
PC Nel

Council Members
EH Graven • J Grobler • EW Laubscher • AJ Pienaar • E Wolff

The objectives of the Society, according to its Constitution, are the promotion of science and know-how of crop production in South Africa, with special reference to its implementation, advancement and expansion, as well as the liaison with related societies inside and outside South Africa. The recognition of exceptional achievements or service in the field of crop production through the granting of trophies, honorary membership, fellowships and other appropriate marks of honour is inscribed in the Constitution.

A Congress shall, whenever possible, be held with each Annual General Meeting. The purpose of the Congress shall be the advancement of crop production by means of deliberations, papers, symposia, excursions, exhibitions or by any other means as the Council may determine.

It is quite clear from this that the Society’s original aim was not necessarily to hold congresses, but to allow its members to meet so as to promote the Society’s aims on a more formal basis. Unfortunately the annual meeting has become a matter of minor importance in recent years and is very poorly supported by Society members on the whole. It is certainly true to say that the Society’s continued existence is largely due to the Council that play an important role, not only in preserving and continuing the ideals of the founder members, but also in promoting the general health of crop production as a field of study and as a profession.