Gold Medal for Student Academic Performance

This award is made annually to the best student in Plant Production at each South African University. To qualify for the award the student must follow Plant Production or Agronomy as their major subject and complete his/her BSc degree cum laude. Handing over of the medal and prize money usually coincides with annual graduation ceremonies. Heads of Agronomy Departments at the various universities must please inform the secretariat timeously when a student in their Department qualifies for the award to ensure delivery of the medal and prize money in time for graduation ceremonies.

2017 – Mr. BJM Bornman (UFS)

2016 – Mr. AJS Laubscher (UFS)

2016 – Miss Cara Boshoff (UP)

2016 – Mr. Wentzel Coetzer (UP)

2016 – Mr. Zane Coles (UP)

2016 – Mr. Andrew Faber (UP)

2015 – Miss Candice McGladdery (UP)

2014 – Mr. Michael Bufe (UP)

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Honorary Members

According to the Society/s Constitution, the Council may grant honorary membership to a person in recognition of exceptional services to and the promotion of the objectives of the Society on account of the excellence of achievements as scientist.

Forty nine (49) honorary members were nominated in the past 41 years. It is clear from this list that the SASCP deviated from its broad definition of honorary membership in that it also nominated persons who were not necessarily members of the SASCP because of their position in society and on the basis of particular services rendered to the agricultural industry as a whole. Among the more prominent names are those of the President of the RSA, JJ Fouché, ministers of Agriculture, H Schoeman and DCH Uys, well-known agricultural leaders such as FJH le Riche and B Fourie as well as senior departmental officials such as DF Retief, JG Strydom, SA Hulme and WP Grobbelaar. Persons who excelled in their field of study include JPF Sellschop, K Nathanson, EW Laubscher, GD Thompson, E Wolff and JJ Human.

2015 – Prof. Andrew LP Cairns

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Fellowship Awards

According to the Constitution, fellowship awards are made to members in due recognition of exceptional achievements or service to the Society. This award was first granted in 1987 and in 2014 the Society had 37 fellowship members.

2019 – Johann Strauss

2019 – Scott Sydenham

2019 – Dr. Sunette Laurie

2017 – Mr. Sakkie Köster

2017 – Mr. Arno van Vuuren

2016 – Dr. Vicki Tolmay

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Gold Medal Awards

The gold medal of the SASCP is regarded as the highest award that can be granted to members in recognition of exceptional scientific achievement. This medal has only been awarded 12 times.

2017 – Dr. Johan van Biljon

2016 – Prof. Alan TP Bennie

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